Training Across Borders (TAB) is a major international peace building seminar series that brings together aikido practitioners from conflict regions around the world, particularly the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Through the transformative practice of aikido, participants from communities that have suffered protracted conflicts begin to replace existing narratives of hatred with foundations for peaceful relationships that are based on shared experience and understanding rather than on fear.

Breakout workshops facilitated by leaders in the fields of mediation, leadership, psychology, youth outreach, and somatics supplement “on the mat” practice to provide safe environments in which participants develop practical peace-building tools that they will bring back home with them at the end of the seminar.

Scheduled social events provide participants with opportunities connect with one another in meaningful ways, to showcase their unique cultures, and to develop the trust that is the cornerstone of peaceful relationships.

After the seminar, participants return to their home countries with new understanding, bolstered by new friendships and connections, and armed with new tools for cultivating peace in their own communities.

“A lifetime experience! Like the dojo in Athens has become my family in the last few years, from this moment, the world is my family.”


“Amazing. Heaven on Earth for three days in Cyprus. You have managed to pull off what governments only dream about.”


“I know that I need to learn from the tolerance I saw in the eyes of many participants. Thank you all for coming and comforting me in knowing that I am not the only crazy man in this world.”


“You have proved that the training mat is a perfect tool that helps people forget their hate, understand each other, and even love each other.”


Training Across BordersTen Years of TAB

The first, groundbreaking TAB seminar was inspired by a handful of Arabs and Jews who were training together in Jerusalem. Ten years have passed, and plans are underway for TAB 2015 in Greece.

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